Sunday, January 3, 2010

WaTcH THis!

WaTcH ThiS MovIE!!! Sometimes people would rather not know because lets face it- ignorance can be bliss right. Well if you are one of those people don't watch this show because truly you will never look at dinner the same way again- but that is not bad! :) With anything Like this I always try to get both sides of the story then make the decsicion that is best for me and family- I encourage you to do the same. But it seems that right now most people only know one side of the story- I bet you didn't know that 70% of the comercial beef in america ( that was in 2007 I am sure it is higher now) is supplemented with filler- that is actually corn that has been washed in ammonia and ammonia hydroxide to kill
ecoli O157H7 that is getting in the meat supply- mostly because cows are fed corn now instead of grass ( they get fatter faster and it is cheaper with all the govt subsidies for corn) and when fed grass for 5 days they shed 80% OF THE ECOLI in their gut. That is the tip of the iceberg my friends... I know stuff like this can get controversial and I am not looking for a fight -I definately don't have all the answers- there are a lot of questions on both sides I am still trying to find answers to BUT the image that is conveyed to us about most all of the food we eat is not completely true- that I do know. I am just trying to let people know that there is usally always more to the story- so stop thinking that things are how they SEEM to be and find out for yourself what they really are and what is best for your family. What ever
IT is make sure you choose it-
don't let it just happen to you.

OK I wil now officially step down from the soap box :)

This movie brought up a lot of questions I had not really thought of before and I am glad to be made aware so now I can find answers. It made me really think about buying local
much more- I have always tried to do that but not to the extent I think I should now- I truly had no idea about a lot of stuff in the supermarket and I am actively trying to find this stuff out all the time! Here are a bunch of links that will help you find local growers and ranches where you can get healthy, organic, well treated food-
Or better yet GROW your OWN!!

If you know of a farmer or grower that is not on any of these lists or if you know any other good links I don't have let me know and I will post those too!

We are pretty lucky here in Utah because there are a TON of local farmers-

so get out there and support them!!

This is the offiicial movie site- you can watch the trailer but it also has this great issues page that you can find local growers, stores that sell local and learn more about a lot of the issues-
check it out!

Hope everyone had a splendid Holiday season! I am teaching a Healthy You class in a few weeks- I will let you know when soon but if you are on the email list you will find out first! I am limiting it to 12 people per class- if there is a lot of interest I might do another one this month- In the coming months I will be doing another Grains class, an Oil Class- I teach you oils but also how to make your own and take home some seriously awesome ointment ( for lack of a better word) and a ton of other fun things, breakfast/lunch class (those meal times seem to be the toughest!) and kids class- food that kids will actually eat and like! If you want to get on my email list leave me a message and I will add you and you will find out about classes first and get any info and updates! Have a great day!

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