Wednesday, July 13, 2011

REcipe Exchange...

Thanks to all those who came to my classes at the conference! It was so fun to meet you all!! What a great conference!
For those wanting to get on my recipe exchange list and didn't have the chance -
email me and I will add you-
( or if you gave me your address and haven't received an
email I may not have typed it in correctly so email me also)
Sending recipes out next week sometime, but for now go try this bread- 50 min START to FINISH!!! ( rising and cooking and everything- anyone can do it!)
No more excuses for not making your own bread!

Easy to Make Great Whole Wheat bread!
If I can make delicious moist bread anybody can- for some reason I am seriously yeast challenged- I have the hardest time getting things to rise- not sure why!!! BUT I can make this bread and it is delicious!!! Give it a try!
8 Cups hard red or white wheat (yields about 11 cups of flour- try subbing spelt or kamut too)
1/4 Cup ground flax seed ( I add about 1/2-3/4 cup)
1 Tbsp Sea Salt
3 Tbsp Yeast
5 1/2 Cups Hot Water
1/2 Cup Olive Oil
3/4 Cup Honey
Separate the ingredients. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and add to the wet ingredients in your mixing machine
With all ingredients added to your mixer, mix on level 2 for 8 min. It's a very wet looking dough so don't let that scare you. This is what makes it a very moist tasting bread!
After mixing the dough, Flour your hard surface and dump the dough out. A hard non porous surface is best. . Divide dough into fourths and scoop into your greased bread tins.
Let your pans sit for ten minutes before baking.
Bake on the CENTER rack for 25 min. @ 350 degrees

Here is a little info on why Wheat is much better then WHITE

This is what is LOST during the conversion of wheat to white ...

50% of all calcium, 70% of phophorus, 80 % iron, 98% magnesium, 75% manganese, 50% potassium and 65$ copper, 80% thiamin, 60% riboflavin, 75% niacin, 50% of pantothenic acid adn 50 % pyridoxine is lost. And to add on top of that White FLour is extremely MUCUs Forming- it goes in and clogs up your lymph system and organs and Bowels..

Wheat is stripped of everything GOOD and bleached with Chlorine Gas to make White FLour. The EPA identifies Chlorine Gas as a flour bleaching, aging, and oxidizing agent that is a powerful irritant, dangerous to inhale and lethal. This chlorine gas converts xanathine, a dough additive into a toxic substance called Alloxan. Alloxan is a byproduct of the flour bleaching process that result in the formation of alloxan in the flour.

WHo cares about Alloxan?- Well you should... When Genetic scientist want to study diabetes they give their rats ALLOXAN to GIVE THEM DIABETES- that is common knowledge alloxan gives you diabetes by destroying the beta cells in your pancreas... and in small amounts it is in ANYTHING that has white flour in it.. Our society EATS A TON of things with WHITE FLOUR in them- you do the math- a little can add up to A LOT. And if you haven't noticed the incidence of diabetes is sky rocketing- in YOUNG and OLD.

*Type 2 diabetes has always been an adult disease- because most the time it is dramatically influenced by diet and lack of exercise. In children it used it used to be 96 percent were Type 1 and only 4 % type 2, now in some places only 65 percent are Type 1 and a whopping 35% type 2

The important point to take away is, beware of any processed food because chemicals are always used. And we simply don’t know what the long-term effects will be of ingesting chemicals, on top of chemicals, on top of more chemicals. Strive to stick to whole unprocessed foods that are as close to their natural state as possible

Now go make yourself some yummy wheat bread!!

I am doing an oil class sometime in Aug- more details to come!