Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Healthy You- Update!!!!

There has been a TON of interest- the class on the 19th is full but I am doing another class !!
NEXT CLASS- Thurs JAn 28th 6-8:30 .There are for only a few spots left in the last class SO- if you want to come let me know-
I want you to all KNOW this so you can DO this! :)
I will not do another healthy you class until May or June.
The Oils/ Herbs class will be in FEB
KIDS class in March and GRAINS class in April!
Tues Jan 28th 6-8:30/30$ class registration
I am a Nurse - RN BSN ( I work at the U) and a Certified Foot Zonologist ( I zone peoples feet!)and so being I have a lot of medical background. I am teaching healthy cooking classes with a BIG emphasis on nutrition. This in depth class is about General nutrition, acid/ base balance, vitamins and minerals -how your body absorbs them and what they do for us and the most bioavailable form, nutrient density, harmful additives etc... A long with all this information I MAKE you a TON of Healthy Dishes using the methods and knowledge I just taught you. So you don't feel so overwhelmed and know that healthy food can still taste great!!! You take home a LOT of handouts and a Healthy You recipe book so you can get started!
"Good Habits, Once established are just as hard to break as bad ones"
BY the WAY....
I have had a lot of interest from people in other states and countries (yes- countries so cool!) Sooo..
I am thinking for those close or far who can't make it to the class to enjoy the food and friends but still want the knowledge I will email you all my notes and handouts and recipe book etc...
for 20$ ( sorry paypal charges fees had to up it a little) . Pay pal is up and running for this now! see the little button on the side? You can get any class notes- however I now need to convert all my notes so you might give me a week or so!
For ALL you green thumbs out there who can't wait to start your heirloom seeds- a friend showed me a GREAT site!! - you can find frost dates, find your color ( it will make sense once you read the site) and THEN they will email you newsletters for your area- when to plant etc.. there is also some good recipes for compost and just a lot of good stuff!
You can start stuff inside in a month or so- can't wait!!!

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