Friday, December 18, 2009

What to Give for Christmas??

How about the Spirooli!!! It is my FAV!!!!! You can do most any Veggie or Fruit ( harder fruits like APPLES) I love them, hubby loves them and the Kids love them! You can make 'apple sticks' just a new spin on an old treat but better yet- you can make noodles out of squash- zucchini, butternut, carrots, potatoes - you name it! They tatste really good- raw noodles with a little spaghetti sauce or pesto and Voila- tons of veggies for dinner that you and your kids LOVE!!! Really they think they are awesome and even better when they help make them! I think you would be surprised at how far a presentation change and helping make the meal will get you in helping teach your kids to eat healthy!!! Or make a bunch up and leave them in the fridge and they will snack on them all day- much better than sugar loaded fruit snacks that are made from things you would probably rather not know about- :) I will divulge but not in this post :)

The spirooli is about 38$ and I think well worth it!! You can check it out here or here or anywhere else really just google :)

Wishing Everyone HAPPY and HEALTHY Holidays!!!

OHH... I will be having a healthy you class in Jan to help you all out with those resolutions!!! - I will post it soon- I have also decided to keep the group smaller so I am thinking about 12 per class. If there is a ton of interest I may possibly do two classes in Jan....


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  1. that last dish looks like pad thai! i will have to get the recipe from you no matter what it is! The Spirooli looks awesome.. i just bought a sprout system the other day! I will definitely want to come to your january class! Merry Christmas!