Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MOre Chairs...

There are more spots available for the healthy you class- not many though so let me know SOON if you would like to come! There were a ton of people wanting to come to this one and since I will not be doing another one until Jan/ Feb I wanted to try and accomodate everyone so I have changed things up a bit and it will be great fun! I am making the recipe books/ handouts etc.. this week so I need to have a full count by Thursday at the latest. Let me know!!
PS I LOVE this time of year I just picked 10 squash, 4 cukes, 2 peppers, a bucket full of beans and we are eating it all right now for lunch- yum!!!


  1. If we ever have a house that has a yard again, I am for sure seeking you to help with a garden. When you just said what you had for lunch from your garden my mouth watered!! If you ever have a ton that you don't know what to do with - you know who to call!

  2. Kami you guys can have whatever you want whenever you want ( except maybe the raspberries-ha ha ) Just go pick it- there is tons!!! :)

  3. hey kalani.... yeah, i'm going to open a shop. i'm just taking my sweet time doing it. :) haha. it will come eventually just can't say when. but i've been filling out email orders for a few people. just sent some off the other day. right now i'm not making the ruffle baby legs, just the headbands for now. if you want a particular color you can email me since my shop isn't open yet. i'd gladly make you some.


    p.s. a healthy you class? how cool. it's great you have a garden, i really have been itching to plant some things but didn't get around to it this year. problem is i don't have much of a green thumb:) last garden i tried to plant, everything died. haha

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