Thursday, July 15, 2010

Healthy You the Class...

Here is the Healthy You Class info for July. I email my foodie friends first before I put it on here and the class is almost full- only 2 spots left- I am trying to figure out more seating since I will not do this class again until Jan/feb. I will let you know if more spots open up-for now there are 2 up for grabs so let me know asap if interested :)


Tues July 27th 5:30-7:30/35$ class registration

I need to have a committed count by the 22nd so I can get food,
make recipe books, handouts etc..

I am a Nurse - RN BSN ( I work at the U) and a Certified Foot Zonologist ( I zone peoples feet!)and so being I have a lot of medical background and General health knowledge. I changed my families diet 4 years ago and have seen fantastic affects!!! I tell you my tricks, tips etc.. how to do this with your family! I would have killed for classes like this when I was starting out! These are things that have taken me 4 years to figure out- and I am constantly still "figuring" things out! :) I do a lot of research and it seems I learn something new all the time.
I am teaching healthy cooking classes with a BIG emphasis on Nutrition. This in depth class is about General nutrition, acid/ base balance,vitamins and minerals -how your body absorbs them and what they do for us and the most bioavailable form, nutrient density, harmful additives etc... A long with all this information I MAKE you a TON of Healthy Dishes using the methods and knowledge I just taught you. So you don't feel so overwhelmed and know that healthy food can still taste great!!! You take home a LOT of handouts and a Healthy You recipe book loaded with recipes so you can get started!

"Good Habits, Once established are just as hard to break as bad ones"

See ya there!
You can email me interested or if you would like to be on my email list and get all the news first! :)
I need a commitment by July 22nd

I will most likely do an oil/herb class in august sometime-
I will let you know soon! :)

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  1. Kalani, do you have a spot open? I really want to come! Let me know! sorry I am so late. I just looked on the blog today!