Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Make Your OWN Broth....

Making Your own broth is super easy- it needs to simmer for awhile so do it on one of these rainy or heaven forbid snowy days we have coming up and it will make you feel like cuddling up with a good book and favorite blanket! The aroma adds a little bit of delight all through out
your whole house!
EVERY SOUP or chicken stock or veggie stock I have EVER used- yes even ORGANIC ones claiming no MSG- HAVE MSG!!!! The organic ones usually because it was made during processing but I really don't care how it got there it is still there! The others usually have at least a double usually triple dose of msg- some come out and say MSG but then it also has autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed protein oh and the ever so famous 'NATURAL FLAVORS'- yep that is MSG- lovely huh!! I have found an organic chicken or veggie stock from better than boullion- it ONLY has natural flavors and it is third to last- that is the best I have been able to find after LOTS of searching!

You need a big ole' pot-Grandma G.G gave me this one a few years ago and I
absolutely Treasure it! Fill It with water and throw in your veggies ( cut up a little- sloppy is good no need to dice/ chop etc..) add some sea salt, herbs and simmer...
Easy PEASY!!

A couple suggestions for veggies-
Celery root- different from celery- has a ton of mineral and vits and natural salt
Potatoes, carrots, celery, onion - givens :)
Rutabegga- Parsnips and any other root veggies
kale, swiss chard, garlic
I even throw in broccoli and cauliflower sometimes.
Sea salt, parsley, rosemary, thyme, - herbs add so much flavor!!
Let it simmer until all veggies are soft- strain all the veggies ( keep all of the juice that is your broth filled wit hall the vits and minerals from your veggies!) and you are left with fabulous broth! Let it cool- put it in your glass mason jars and freeze- don't fill too the top- I have had a few explosions! I made that huge pot and I got probably 10 quarts.
When I use this I just throw a couple jars in the fridge the night before usually by dinner they are thawed, add it to the pot and add my veggies and a couple scoops of better than boullion- throw in some veggies, home made buckwheat or wheat noodles- or if you are short on time I have used grandmas brand homemade noodles before- they are really good- not so good for you but they are only flour eggs water and salt- at least I can pronounce everything in them :). I usually don't put chicken in it but you could! And if you want more of a chicken broth you could add chicken legs/ bones when you simmer your broth.


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