Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kids class...

The Healthy Kids Class is this month and I am so excited!
So many fun tips and tricks to share!
The class will be Tuesday, March 30th 6-7:30 pm and the cost is 25$. We will go over Nutrition a bit and additives, dyes, sweeteners etc - not as much talking in this one- more munching, tasting and making... Then I will make you a bunch of Yummy food and show you how to get your kids to WANT to eat it! That is the key- they need to want to because lets face it you really can't MAKE them eat anything. :) Besides it is much funner and makes for delightful meal times when they WANT to :).
There will be something for everyone... If you are ready to make big changes then I have a lot of great tips to help with transitioning or if you just want to take it slow I have great ideas for you too! And as always a recipe book and Lots of handouts!!! If you want to come let me know- you can leave a comment ( leave your email) or email me I need to know by the 27th so I can get groceries and handouts copied.
We will be sitting around the dinner table so the limit is 12 people-
and Come Hungry!!!!!

* By the way this delicious little treat- a little spin on mac n cheese
is on the menu- it Good and it's healthy!- you will not even believe how you make the cheese! :) oh yeah- if you have a fav recipe you want me to make healthier- let me know- I will do my best and maybe we can have a few on the menu!

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