Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oil & Herb Class

Thanks to everyone that came to the Food classes in January!!! They were so much fun- nothing is better than good food and good friends! The oil/ herb class is this month. I am letting it be a bit bigger since we all don't need to fit around the dinner table- probably 25-30 But I am only doing one so first come first serve!!! I will give you tons of recipes with herbs ( YES the Professors recipe- you can start with the next new moon) , oils how to use them and general info about them and how they work! Also I will show you how to use them as cleaners, make your own laundry soap( take some home too!), soap, shampoo etc.. You also get to make your own Salve ( for lack of a better name) and take it home- it is awesome I use it on everything- cracked skin, cuticles, lips, healing scars, even frizzies or those bothersome cracks on your feet that won't go away (and actually they will never really go away until you take care of yourself better :) they are there for a reason...) it will be a lot of fun and as always lot of info, handouts and laughs! :)

Guaranteed Good time!!

Oil & Herb Class
Saturday Feb 27th
11:00- 1:30

I get a lot of supplies for this class because there are quite a few things you get to make and take so I need a really accurate count of who is coming so payment is needed in advance. Let me know if you are interested and I will put you on the list!! You can mail your payment to

Kalani Watson
1665 farr West drive, Farr west Utah 84404
And as always you get 25% off oils you order at the class- and hey now you will know how to use them!!If you email me next week -you wont get a reply until the 12th or 13 ish- I will be sunning in the beautiful Baja listening and aweing as Whales breach in the Ocean, delighting in some tasty authentic mexican food, road tripping all over the penninsula, snorkeling, exploring and of course relaxing- Can't wait!!! :)

Here are a few picts so you can imagine yourself there too- :)

If you can even believe it this is where we get to stay- By ourselves!!! that is actually a HOUSE!!! I am so excited!

Lands End, LOvErS Beach,
Whale season and Snorkeling!

Viva la Mexico!!! :)

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