Friday, June 4, 2010

Little change of plans...

The week I planned on doing the healthy you class is now pretty crazy with lots of unexpected things I tried switching days and it is just not working so I am postponing it- actually until august- I figured it would be most helpful if your gardens were flourishing and you could just go snag a ton of veggies rather than buy them so I will let you know for sure when- sorry for those already signed up!!!
The Grains class will be Wed June 30th 5:30-7:30
The Grains Class..
This class is everything and anything you wanted to know about Grains... and psuedocereals... What? Many of these are actually pseudocereals which means they are not a true grain which means they are HEALTHIER.
We will get into wheat, spelt, quinoa, buckwheat , millet, amaranth, oats, rice and barley- and some seeds- flax, chia etc. For those wanting to learn more about healthy grains this is a great class for you AND for those intolerant of gluten this is a great way to learn about all the other yummy things you can have!!! I will teach you everything I can about them!! Nutritional content, how to prepare, grind, and as ALWAYS I treat you to yummy dishes made with them! Also I will show you how to SPROUT them and how to grow your own Wheat Grass and inform you just how wonderfully healthy it is- to drink or for cuts- YES cuts!! Lots of uses and GREAT to have in food storage and know how to use! Have a taste of it too!
I think you may be a little surprised what you can do with all of these and how yummy they can be!! You also get lots of handouts and a great little cookbook.

Class will be WED June 30th
5:30- 7:30 pm
30$ registration
I need to have a full count by Monday the 28th so I can get all the food and copies etc.. Class is taught in my home so space is limited.
any questions email me-
COme HUnGry!!!

I will be putting in an oil order next wed- if you want to order let me know by then. I also need your money by then if you are ordering. If you want to know prices or anything before hand let me know! As always when you order oils at a food class you get 25% off total order!!! :) So if you are to the grains class you can get your 25% off if you order in the wed order


  1. hey kalani. I would love to order some more eukawol and lavender. i will probably just call you though to make sure you got this! Thanks again

  2. Kalani, I wanted to know about the healthy you class, when you are rescheduling it for cause I would love to come!!! I was out of town the week you announced it but just so you know I am in! Amber

  3. I really wanted to try to come to one of these classes but I will out of town the last week of the month. Let me know when you'll have your next one and I'll be there if I can! :) Oh, and I'll post some of the block info as soon as I can! Thanks for reminding me!